Thursday, May 20, 2010

As time goes by

Today I changed the seasons with my flowers. Being a non gardener with a brown thumb I do it the easy Green Valley way: I plant pansys in the winter and vinca in the summer.
I often say to myself; "another_______gone by". Many events tick off time for me;
be it days or weeks or months or seasons.

My friend has this "day" clock, ticking off another week. One of the things that is a personal weekly tick of time for me is the laundry. If I do laundry at any time but Sat. morning I forget it in the washer or the dryer. I hate to admit it but I have one of those 2 week pill boxes. I fill it and "Yep, Another two weeks gone buy".

We used to have monthly periods.........But now we have monthly bills, monthly meetings and monthly appointments.

We have watches, clocks, appointment books and calenders. How I admire those people that don't wear a watch. In todays rushed world it would be nice to enjoy and let the time go by.

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