Saturday, May 1, 2010

Movie Reviews

I need to catch up on my movie reviews.
Whatever you may think of Roman Polanski, he is one hell of a director. The Ghost Writer released while Polanski was under house arrest in Switzerland is the story of a ghost writer hired to complete the memoirs of a former British Prime Minister. Replacing the initial ghost writer, killed in a mysterious accident, Ewan McGregor as the ghost, encounters many mysteries on a secluded estate of Adam Lang played by Pierce Brosnan.
Based on the novel Robert Harris, it is not hard to imagine that the Prime Minister is based on Tony Blair and the American President is his friend is George W. Bush.
Other characters are Amelia Bly (Kim Catrall), Langs assistant and Olivia Williams as Ruth Lang. Tom Wilkinson, excellent as always is the pivotal bad guy.
Ghost Writer had an art house limited release but did come down to our local movie theater.
You will have to see it on DVD.
My recommendation is put it high on your list.
4**** Maybe a good idea for a book to film selection.

Two Movies I waited to see. Missed. But both came out in short time with Netflix.

First An Education:
Yeah, I know. It was an Oscar contender for Best Film, Best actress and Best writing.
BUT it didn't work for me.
If there had not been 10 movies up for the Oscar it would never have made it.
Only 3*** out of 5 for me and I am being generous. Writing- adapted from a memoir by Lynn Barber and adapted by Nick Hornby, always schmaltzy IMO, this is not a very unique story. It happened to me when I was sixteen and it was a just part of growing up. Details will not be revealed.
Acting - there was just no chemistry between Cary Mulligan, as Jenny and Peter Sarsgaad as David. The best performance is Alfred Molina as Jenny's father who is great in an unbelievable role; a father who would support his daughter in this sham of a romance.
In fact I am going to bring it down to 2**'s.

Last night I watched Pirate Radio: The Boat That Rocked.
I really enjoyed this movie. But I loved the early rock and roll of the 60's. If you didn't, read no further.
This is a great British comedy that centers around the music that rocked the world. Loosely based, it is a fictional account of the many pirate stations that were censored by those in control of programing in the late 1960's. Taking place in 1969, DJ's of Rock 'n Roll are forced to broadcast from an old freighter in the North Sea. There are many interesting characters as the DJ'd but the two most familiar faces are Philip Seymour Hoffman as DJ The Count and Kenneth Branaugh as the British official trying to put the Pirate Radio out of business.

4**** for those who like British comedies and Rock and Roll.
For the rest of you -forgetaboutit.

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