Monday, May 17, 2010

Movie Review - "Babies"

Who doesn't love babies.
Directed by Thomas Palmes, this film follows four babies from their birth until after they take their first steps. The four babies come from Japan, San Francisco, Mongolia and Namibia.
Although from different cultures, these babies go through the same development processes. From breast feeding to walking, they experience the similar events in entirely different environments. They take their first breath, their first burp and giggly smile. They learn to say "Mama", endure the persecution of older siblings, creeping, crawling and then standing. The African boy has no toys and uses only things around him for amusement. But he has his mother and the other women of the tribe with him at all times. The mongolian baby boy has few toys and has to amuse himself as his mother works with the herds of cattle. The Japanese and American baby girls have everything a baby could want. Yet they experience frustration and boredom surrounded by piles of toys and books. For Western audiences the peril that the 3rd world babies seem to be in draws gasps. But they thrive in spite of apparent danger.

4****- Almost 5. My 5*'s is "run and see it ASAP". Babies doesn't quite make this criteria but close.

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