Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Birth Control Pill -Blessed/Cursed

This week is the 50 year anniversary of the BCP. This has made the cover of Time Magazine and the national media. IMO and that of the left it released women from the strain of unwanted pregnancies. Whether married or not, women could finally choose when they had children.
For the right and the Catholic, it was responsible for the sexual revolution, adultery and promiscuity. Because it came along at a time of great social change, this little pill gets more credit and blame than is due.

What could the birth control pill and other birth control measures have accomplished along with other birth control measures and education.
*brought down poverty
*held down the birth rate in Western as well as third world countries
*slow the rate of AIDS transmission.
*increased maternal and child health welfare
*nearly eliminated the need for abortion
*decreased domestic abuse
*decrease homelessness

Little known fact: President Reagan made a deal with the Pope that if he would support Reagan as Presidential candidate, he would not support or contribute funds for BC in third world countries. In addition he withdrew many funds to planned parent centers is the US.


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