Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The friendly whales of San Ignacio Bay, Baja

Having finally conquered my fear of my scanner (don't know what the origin of this phobia was) I was able to scan old photos of a very memorable trip I took around the Baja to experience the "friendly" gray whales of the lagoons of the west coast of the Baja Penninsula.
Took at Cetacean Society whale trip from San Diego to La Paz
The 5x6 cabin I shared with cousin Kris.

It was a family trip
MaggieMae, Aunt Clara, Cousin Kris, Twin sister Mary

The only predator of whales is the "wolf of the sea" the Orca

Aunt Clara watching Kris feel the baleen of the gray whale

MaggieMae in the foreground watching the mother and calf who
we name "Push and Shove" because the mother seemed to push her baby
up to the boats to have human contact. No one really know why and when
this behavior started.

Mary and I stand next to the scull of the whale.

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