Monday, May 28, 2012

Two movies I loved...

Two movies I loved
...but you may not even like.
And the common denominator of these two films is BLOOD.
On Saturday, I saw "Headhunters". Based on novel by Jo Nesbo, Norway's best read mystery writer, this is a thriller that really draws you in. Twists and turns at every scene. Yet it doesn't rely on the hand held shaky camera or fast cutting or editing so common in Hollywood movies. Each turn in the plot can be an "aha" moment. I liked it a lot. Clever  mysteries are worked out and a satisfactory ending, all worked for me. Warning. Lots of violence. In Norwegian, subtitled in English. At the Loft.

Today I saw "Dark Shadows" a Tim Burton film with Johnny Depp. I loved this movie. It was funny. Sometimes LOL, sometimes just snicker or a giggle but IMO really funny. The entire theater laughed. Set in 1972, the set and art direction made for a very good looking movie. The sound track with the Carpenters, the Eagles etc. and the fashions, older hippies all were reminders of early 70"s. The main actors, Depp. Michelle Phieffer, and Helen Bohnam Carter were great. But also were the minor actors that added so much to the movie.

Written and Directed by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. I loved it. No apologies.
I hope it becomes a cult film - and it may be one that I will buy. and watch every 6 months or so.

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