Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Three very different movies

I have seen three very different movies lately.

The Kid with a Bike - a movie by the great Dardeene brothers from Belgium.
This is the story of a boy abandoned by his deadbeat dad who is fortunate to
serendipitously comes across a hairdresser who invests in helping him.
French subtitles. Deserves to be on you "wait" list to rent. 4****

Dot the i - This 2003 movie is IMO an excellent example to a thriller about a love triangle
with a very twisted plot. But if you don't stick with it 'till the very end you probably won't like it or get
it. I liked it a lot. 3*** for the person who likes mystery with surprise.

The Avengers - someone called this a "corporate retreat for super heros.
Not having seen the other Avenger movies I may not appreciate the
fact that this movie has broken so many records. And I did not read any
of these Marvel comics. Why did I go? Just because. I did like the Hunger
Games so I was hopeful for this one also. Lots of action and noise.
Some good one liners by the Iron Man. Only 2**. Let the kids go to this one.

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