Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More Than Frybread - The movie

Twenty two tribes in Arizona sent their best frybread maker to Flagstaff to compete in the State of Arizona Frybread contest. The winner will go to New York City to compete in the national contest.
I loved this movie. Written, produced, directed and acted by Arizona Native Americans. In fact I believe nearly everyone involved were from the 22 tribes.
It is a "mock" documentary in the same vain as "Best of Show". It really drew me in. I found myself rooting for my favorite competitor and booing for those I didn't want to win. The judges are very serious about their task, as are the frybread security team. The movie is made even more real by the ongoing presence of a TV anchor who is reporting of the event. Great acting by the Frybread makers.
I urge you to check out this very special movie's web site and if you can find a showing, don't  miss it.
We saw it at the Spectrum Harkins.  Odd times and today is the last day. ( : > ((

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