Sunday, December 27, 2009

Animation in the top ten

Movie top ten lists are starting to come out.

What makes them different this year is the presence of
movies designed for children AND adults. I refer to them as "animation" although technically they are not all drawn animation.

WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE was filmed with live sized large puppets. It was #1 in a New York Times list. This is Spike Jonze's adaptation of Maurice Sendak children's book.
I loved this movie and gave it 4****

Time Magazine lists its top 3 films from children's movies.

#1 THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG. -the only true animation that takes us back to the Disney two dimension
drawings. This is an original story and takes us back to the Disney story telling of the past. The story is modern however with the first black princess. More of a frog story than a princess story. Since it takes place in New Orleans, it is a great musical with a Dixieland Jazz score.

#2 UP - Prime Pixar CGI animation was my favorite, with a tremendous story of a crotchety old man who misses his wife and young scout who accompanies him on an adventure.

#3 THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX - This stop action animation was made photographing puppets on miniature sets. Voices of George Clooney and Meryl Streep brought this Dahl children's story to life. This has shown up on several top ten lists.

One more animation has made several top tens list. And that is CAROLINE, which I did not see because it seemed way too scary of me. I will rent it.

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