Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas lights

For the sake of going green lights have been a little discouraged this year. I love the the TV add were the dog barks at the house with many lights. The owner of the dogs says to the owner of the house. "He doesn't like ostentatious displays of wealth". The place to go in Tucson is Winterhaven. You can drive through only on specific nights. It is best, if one is able, to walk or ride the horse draw trailer. The drive was bumper to pumper, annoying the driver and those who were walking. I had done it perhaps 15 years ago, but had two friends who had never been so we hogtied Ralph to drive us.

My favorite was the red necks trailer with songs including "you know you're a redneck if you think the 'nutcracker' refers when you jumped off the high board".

There was the "Nightmare before Christmas"

Snoopy, as always was present.

One Jewish home displayed large draedle and a menorah


Snowmen and Penguins

Some spoke for PEACE

And of course the traditional Nativity Scene.

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