Monday, December 28, 2009

More on Movies

Saw AVATAR today. By default actually.
Was dropped off at the Mall while the car was being serviced. Intended to see UP IN THE AIR but our timing was wrong. With these multiplexes one can see a movie at almost anytime starting at 10:00 a.m.

What a break. I really liked this movie. Another 4****/5.
Visually stunning. Very colorful -bright blues and greens.
Good plot. Critics have called it 'predictable', but
not for me. Tension. Love story. Creative creatures. A very good bad guy. Satisfying resolution to the story. What more could a movie goer want?

DISTRICT 9 -another top ten contender was also about extraterrestrials but here on Earth; South Africa. In contrast to the brightness and color of AVATAR, this film is is very gloomy with only shades of brown; much like other futuristic films. Although I liked this movie, it gets just 3***

Another film appearing on top ten lists is
HURT LOCKER. This is not fantasy but an all too real war movie taking place in Irag. It is the story of one GI with nerves of steel who defuses IED's. This was also a very good movie. 3***'s

I am not ready to make my top ten list. Too many movies yet to see. The best movie I saw this year would be the Japanese film DEPARTURES. It would not qualify because it received best foreign in 2008. Only 5***** film this year. IMO