Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Who gets the lump of coal?

I heard a pundit say that the last decade was the "Naughty" one.
So who gets the lump of coal?
#1 ) Osama Bin Laden
#2) Donald Rumsfeld -for letting above get away and a bunch of other things.
#3) Dick Cheney for being Dick Cheney
#4) George W. Bush - for all of the above plus TWO wars PLUS the economy.
#5) Two very bitter national elections.
#6) Greedy Wall Street, bankers and CEO's. Too many to name.
#7) Over sexed and inappropriatly sexed politicians. Too many to name.
#8) Rogue politicians: Michele Bachman of Minn, Sahah Palin and "No" Lieberman
#9) The Health Care Insurance Companies and Pharmaceuticals
#10 AND Tiger, you have been a bad bad boy!

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