Friday, June 11, 2010

Bird of Paradise

Not related to the tropical bird of paradise, these beautiful summer flowering bushes are hearty in the Sonoran desert. Plant them once and they will be with you every spring and summer and into fall. The red one has seeded in my entire front yard.
Shown here are the Mexican bird of paradise and the yellow bird of paradise.

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  1. MM are these plants in Az? What area?

    From what I read they do well in direct sun. The problem is the area I want to plant them is along a masonry wall. The wall runs north-south
    and I would be planting on the east side of the wall which means that the wall/plants are exposé the full sun most of the day. Part of the day the plants would be exposed to both the direct sun & reflected sun - the worst case for sun exposure.
    Do you think the bird of paradise would do ok?
    Surprise Az