Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toy Story

Saw Toy Story 3 yesterday-but not in 3D. I don't think all movies work in 3D. Certainly Avatar and How to Tame a Dragon were enhanced by 3D, but the Toys didn't need it.
The theater was nearly filled with kids and when Buzz broke out in a flamenco dance speaking Spanish, the Hispanic kids loved it.

An example of a stupid policy. With my $20 T-shirt and $2.00 cup, I get free popcorn and a $1.00 soda each time I go to Harkins.
"I'd like a diet cola and a small popcorn please"
"We can only give a medium popcorn with that deal"
"OK, Give me a diet cola and a medium popcorn, pour out half of the popcorn and we will both have what we want."

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