Monday, June 28, 2010

Sylvia - The Play

Fabulous performance of this delightful play by Studio Connections, a community theater out on the Old Spanish Trail.

Greg, disillusioned by his job spends afternoons in park. Here he meets Sylvia, a labra-doodle who jumps on his lap promising unconditional love. Problems ensue when he brings his new friend home to wife Kate. Pursing a new career after getting children raised and in college, Kate, who calls the dog "Saliva" is not happy about this interruption in her plans.
This play is being extended next weekend, Friday and Saturday night and Sunday Matinee.
5*****'s. Run to see it. This cast was remarkable. OR wait and see this play will be produced by The Shoestring Players in January at Pima Community Center for the Arts in Green Valley.

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