Monday, June 7, 2010

Today I Rant

Monday morning.
Two Az. Star articles and TV reports press my buttons.
Page 2 Girl, 5, victim of accidental shooting.
Now, IMO, no self inflicted gunshot with a handgun by a child is an "accident". It is the result of irresponsible gun ownership by an adult.
A 10 year old boy died in January by a self inflicted gunshot to the head.

Page 1 Health care: Too much is unneeded and harmful
This last year I have had my share of Dr.'s, hospitals, CT scans, xrays and blood draws.
Myself with breast cancer treated with surgery and a very painful form of radiation. I honestly feel that I was over treated and with grade 1, I could have been treated with surgery alone, just as I was in 1983. I also have had an active part in the health care of my friend and neighbor and my husband. Over use of diagnostic procedures, many of which are invasive, and medications, and often too many Dr.'s visits

As an RN, married to an MD and with a sister who is a Pediatrician, we often wonder what has happened to the skill of physical exam and diagnosis..

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