Saturday, October 2, 2010

Az. Ballot Propositions -IMO

Arizona has 10 propositions on the Nov. ballot; Eight to amend the Arizona constitution. Two to repeal decisions already made. #302 will repeal a vote passed by the public to have tobacco taxes go to children in the First Things First Program and put the $$ into general funds. "Hey, No way".
106 will take away the health care policies we worked so hard to secure. "Hey, No way".

Propositions are dangerous in two ways. They are written in such obscure language that it is difficult to ascertain their real intent. And many are funded from big $$ from out of state such as prop #106. If one looks at #106, you can easily see this by their literature on flashy shiny paper, expensive TV ads, the widely spread lawn signs, and fancy out of state cars. This car from Florida has been busy putting up prop 106 signs all around Green Valley. This is funded by big pharmaceutical and insurance companies outside of Arizona.

So far I intend to vote yes on only one proposition -#203 - in favor of medical marijuana. Never tried the stuff. The 60's seemed to fly right by me. However if I need to, I would like to be able to use it to manage pain or symptoms of disease.

My advice. If the proposition isn't clearly explained and understood. Don't vote.
AND before making up your mind; Follow the money.

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