Sunday, October 3, 2010

Two very different Movie Reviews

The first is a Net Flix rental O'Horten. This is a Norwegian film about a recently retired railroad engineer. He is faced with many new and interesting experiences and takes the viewer along with him. I liked this movie and the many interesting characters. Unlike the other film, this is slow paced but very rewarding to the viewer that sticks with it. Not LOL funny but very subtly humorous.
In contrast to the above movie this one is fast paced, with car chases and gun fights. The Town is the latest and best effort by Ben Affleck . This is the story of a gang of bank robbers in Boston. More specifically in Charlestown an area of Boston most known for bank robbers. The personality of Boston and the views of the city act as a character in the movie. This is a film that both Mr. and Mrs. may like. He for the car chases and machine gun fights and she for the romantic interest and a pretty good screen play.
3*** Aa good movie

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  1. Maggie..just catching up on your blog posts. Having spent 35 years in the Boston area, I am dying to see this movie and your review will seal the deal! Affleck grew up in a working class section of Cambridge and always gets Boston right, so I know Paul and I will like it (and be nostalgic for our old stomping grounds...) Thanks for your writing, your intelligence, and your fantastic photography!