Wednesday, October 20, 2010

gone missing -not

Some readers have thought that Az Buddy has 'gone missing'. Not so. Just busy teaching Olli classes, taking Olli classes and tearing my hair out over this ridiculous campaign season.

I did see three movies in four days. Not a record for me but nearly one. Secretariat was reviewed earlier. It was a very satisfying move with great direction.

Red was good to get your mind off of politics. A movie with a great older cast playing "Retired Extremely Dangerous" CIA operatives. A movie so baaaad that it was good.

Social Network was excellent. A story about the start up of the social network FACEBOOK. The irony is that Mark Ekerberg was the most a-social young man at Harvard. He says the film is false but the makers of the film did excellent research in interviewing many people and examining many documents regarding the law suits surrounding the questionable start of FACEBOOK. He was truly, as stated in the movie, a real ass hole. Brilliant however. He said he didn't do it for the money. The film implies that he did it for revenge.

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