Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pena Blanca Lake

Several years ago, Pena Blanca Lake had to be drained because of huge toxic levels of mercury. Prior to that it was a great place for fishing, family picnics and birding. Then in following years it was left an ugly mess. Twenty years ago it even had a log cabin store and German Restaurant.

Now the hills surrounding the lake are yellow with these very small daisy like flowers.

Roadways and picnic area are fairly cleaned
up but they need more trash receptacles.

Fisherman cast from the fishing dock,
and birds have returned.

There is an organization called "Friends of Pena Blanca Lake" that is overseeing the restoration. A boat ramp is being put in at the north west end of the lake. Lets hope that it will be small electric motors for fishing only. At the parking/picnic are on the south east is a large poster of the plans for the future.

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