Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Secretariat - Movie review

The reviews for this movie have been all over the map. From C- or 1* to B+ or 4****. I am with the latter. I loved this movie; it's story, its energy and acting and musical score. A great cast featuring the owner (Diane Lane), the trainer John Malkovitch, the jockey and the groomer. And of course the horse Big Red who had to be renamed "Secretariat" to meet the rules of competition. And competition is a key here. We all know that the horse won the triple crown but the story still has suspense. The kudos go to the Director Randall Wallace (Blind Side). Through great cinematography, close ups and music he manages to provide suspense even in the face of predictable outcomes. The story illustrates the macho world of the early 70's and more particularly the horse racing environment. Penny manages to overcome the house wife role and take her horse to victory and raise two teen age daughter's to find their own pride and purpose.

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