Thursday, April 14, 2011

Birding Madera Canyon

A great day birding in the Sky Island in the Sonoran Desert - Santa Rita Mountains.
The green of the leafing trees contrasting the white bark of the sycamore attract birds and those who watch them.
Wild Turkeys gobbled in the background at the Lodge. Scotts Oriole at the Kuba House mooned me at the feeder. All three Towhees were seen at Proctor Road - The spotted, the green tailed and the canyon were all hanging out in the same area.

Probably the most showy were the Lazuli Bunting and the Magnificent Humming bird. He flashed his colors both at the feeders and at the honeysuckle blossoms.
These two photos courtesy of google images.


  1. Maggie- these are beautiful! I have no idea how you get such wonderful pictures of the birds...would love to go on a birding expedition with you before I leave the area. I am in awe of your knowledge and energy!

  2. Oh, to see the Magnificent flash those colors! It was truly a grand day there!