Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Movie review -Source Code

Source Code is an intense Science Fiction thriller. Intense in a good way. Not a second of boredom. Very human and
real for a sci fi flick. Great cinematography and shots of Chicago from the air. Excellent direction and tight editing.
Flawless acting by Jake Gyllenhaal. Especially when he is on screen by himself.
Good performances also by Michelle Monaghan who I had not seen before. Vera Farmiga gave a very sympathetic performance unlike the coldness of the role she played opposite the George Clooney character in Up in the Air; a movie which doesn't even come close to Source Code.
This movie is not predictable. And enough fore shadowing occurs that when the twists & turns happen they are understandable

The ending, criticized by many was satisfying to me.
All in all, it is the performance by Gyllenhall that I will remember the most.

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