Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eating crawfish in Louisiana

The first night in Shreveport was crawdad (as they are often called in the south)night.
These tiny little lobster like creatures are a real
delicacy in the south east U.S. Louisiana produced 98% of the countries crawfish.

It had been nearly 40 years since I last ate them so I had to relearn the technique. We bought them freshly boiled from the Crawfish Palace.
AND they are expensive. $112.00 for crawfish, potatoes and corn for 7 people.

Many people start by sucking out the head. I skipped that. Then my nieces demonstrated the
procedure of straightening out the tail,
twisting if off, separating it from the body
then pull the tail apart -Wohla - A very
tiny piece of meat that tastes like lobster.

The last step is cleaning up.
Toss out the shells.
Clean off your face and hands.
Since the crawdads are boiled in
water with a hot red spice some people
have to suck on ice cubes.

I noticed that there is a crawfish festival in
Tucson this weekend. The crawfish are
listed in the paper as $8.00 a lb. And
most people eat several lbs. My niece and
her hubby say they eat about 5 lbs a piece.

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