Monday, January 4, 2010

#2 in film the past decade

#2 in film in the past decade is Netflix. Absolutely a keen concept and one in which the company follows through on their mission 100%.

Over the weekend I watched a DVD from Netflix.
Made in 2009, this movie went straight to video. Why? Beats me.

Maiden Heist stars three of our best character actors. Each one can carry a film on his own.
We have Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken and William H. Macy. Along side them is
Marcia Gay Harden. How can this cast go wrong? Well IMO they don't. This comedy centers on 3 security guards at the Boston Art Museum. Each has become very attached to a specific piece of art they are responsible for. On learning that these pieces are going to be sent to Denmark they devise a plan to steal their favorite pieces. Hence the title of the movie.
This is a very good comedy. Better than many that I have seen this year. Not that it would make my top ten but IMO it better that "It's Complicated or "Funny People" and many others
What makes it so funny is that they take it so serious. And Harden's character is right on.
They must have had a ball making this movie.

Why straight to DVD? I don't know. I don't even know how I heard about it. Probably some critics DVD list. But thanks to netflix, we are able to see it.

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