Thursday, January 7, 2010

Boy 10 kills himself

How many of our children have to be buried before we tighten up availability of guns.
"10 year old boy found his stepfather's semiautomatic handgun and found the bullets. Loaded the gun and shot himself in the head." Jan. 6, 2010

"10 year old boy tells 911 operator that he shot Dad out of
anger". Nov. 9 2009

I am certain these fathers thought that they were "responsible" gun owners.

Guns do not belong in homes with children.

Disgruntled employee arrives at work place with a large assault rifle and a handgun. Kills three. Injures five.

How many of these scenarios are we going to tolerate before the public says to the NRA and the Legislature: "This is enough". We are not talking about hunting here folks. Or even self protection. We are talking about guns in houses with children and access to guns by depressed,
angry and derranged people.

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  1. And the headline in today's Tucson paper is "Bill would let guns in AZ colleges". Now there's a fine idea sure to result in more killings. But that's life in the Wild West!