Sunday, January 3, 2010

#1 Animation in the last Decade

Animation has evolved and I use the term to refer to many different styles and techniques - Review my blog of December 17th on animation.
For those of you who still "Don't watch 'cartoons' or see 'those' movies, it is time to give it up. You are missing a lot. Ann Hornaday, film critic for the Washington Post in listing her top ten of the decade gave ----Are you ready for this? #1 to to to Finding Nemo!

Best of the decade: Film

By Ann Hornaday

Other memorable animation, in addition to the ones from 2009 were
The Ice Age series
The Asian animation are always good and a bit more serious.
Some of the Israeli animation are way to serious.

So I am out of the closet and claiming my love of animation.
I also loved Beverly Hill Chihuahua; she whispers.

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