Monday, January 18, 2010

MLK Day in Arizona

The Interfaith Council of the Santa Cruz Valley put on a good service honoring Martin Luther King Jr. True to their mission, the council puts on a commemorative service every year in Green Valley.

When I moved here in 1988 I was stunned to discover that the state did not celebrate Martin Luther King Day. Of course that was before I realized how backward the states legislature is.
It was in 1983 that President Reagan signed the holiday into federal law. However it was not until 1990 when the NFL withdrew the Super Bowl from Tempe that the state realized how much business they were losing because of their reluctance to recognize MLK Holiday. And in 1992 Az. became the first state to have the people vote to have MLK holiday celebrated. I remember how very polarizing that vote was. It was a very close. The Legion, who flies the American Flag on on La Canada on National Holiday still refuses to fly the flags on La Canada on MLK day in spite of the pleadings of The Interfaith Council

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