Sunday, January 10, 2010

Az Buddy's Top 2009 films

Rather than list my top ten, I will respond to the critics lists of top movies that I have seen. Thanks to this blog I can go back and review my reviews.
My ratings system
1* don't bother
2** OK
3*** Good
4****Very Good
5***** Fabulous - D0 what ever you can to get to this movie.

The best movie I have seen this year is Departures. This film from Japan received the Best Foreign Language Film at the 2009 Oscars. This movie touched me on so many levels. Due to circumstances, a young man takes a job working with families that have a death in the family. Do not miss this movie. 5*****. Out in DVD this month.

The only other 5***** film I saw was Avatar. Still in theaters, don't miss this colorful creative movie.

4**** movies include District 9, Hurt locker, Where The Wild Things Are, Up, Blind Side, Invictus, Inglorious Bastard, A Serious Man.

Another movie that I really liked was the Michael Jackson movie. Although never a great fan, I always liked his lyrics and sound. This movie illustrated how great he really was.

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