Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Birds at Sweetwater, Tucson

Beautiful day birding at Sweetwater Wetlands.
Total number of species was about 36. Here are the ones that were pleasant surprises.
The common moorhen.
The most common rail was chasing the coots.

The black and white warbler delighted us
with flights hither and yon.

The female summer tanager was vocalizing and alerting everyone to her presence.

The Nashville warbler was looked at closely,
bird books opened and with heads together
the birders came up with this identification.

Woodpeckers included a red shafted flicker,
the ladderback and this busy Red Naped Sap Sucker.

And the most delightful to me was the Common Yellow Throat that would peek out from the reeds and flash his black mask.


  1. That was anything but the ordinary day I'd predicted! And your photos are fantastic, you should consider selling them to nature magazines, they are that good!

  2. Aha! But you don't know which are mine and which are Google Images.