Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pena Blanca Lake, Wrens and Grebe

Went to Pena Blanca Lake today. Pena in Spanish means 'sadness' among other similar words.
This lake was dried up for some years due to lead poisoning; possibly due to fishing with lead sinkers and mining. I first went here 20+ years ago and there was a log cabin store with a little German restaurant. That is long gone. In very recent time the lake has been restored by the Coronado National Forest and the Friends of Pena Blanca Lake.
The Audubon rare bird list had said that the least Grebe was sited there. And indeed 3 were spotted.
This is the smallest (little round fluffy) of the
North American Grebes.

Numerous ducks were there, the Ring Necked and
the Buffle Head as well as the ever present Shovelers.

Wrens were heard and sited foraging along the shore line in the weeks as grasses.
Much time and discussion was spent differentiating the three species that were there.
The Sedge, the Marsh and the Bewicks Wrens. Seen here in that order.
Wren photos from Google Images

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