Monday, February 7, 2011

Ten Chimneys - The Play

"Ten Chimneys" is the current play by Arizona Theatre Company.
In the play Jeffrey Hatcher takes a look back to one of Americas favorite acting duos, Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne.
The setting is their summer home "Ten Chimneys" in Wisconsin.
The scenic design is great and is the perfect backdrop to the fabulous 1930's costumes.

The story is about Alfred and Lynn's rehearsing of Chekhov's play
"The Seagull", which is about an actress preparing for a play.
So this is a play within a play within a play.

The acting is first rate. Suzanne Bouchard and Steve Hendrickson
would do Fontanne and Lunt proud. Or would they? Considering the egos of these two acting icons.

The drama around the lives of the Lunt family; mother, sister and brother contributes to the plot. The characters of Sydney Greenstreet and Uta Hagen appear as members of "The Seagull".

I really enjoyed the comedy of the first act. And went into the second act expecting more of the same.
But I soon became perplexed with the quick turns to drama that occurred in the second act.
The humorous lines were still funny but then there would be a sudden very serious verbal exchange. Too sudden mood changes, IMO.

Therefore what may have been a 4****performance had to be reduced to 3***.
Still a good afternoon at The Temple of Music and Art.

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