Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oscar nominations for feature animation

Those of you that read my blog know my feelings about animation. If you don't go because you "don't do cartoons" you are missing a very enjoyable and visual art form.

I have seen these 3 contenders for the Oscar. This would be my order of three of the best.

#1 - How to Train Your Dragon
#2 - The Illusionist
#3- Toy Story 3

Today I saw "The Illusionist", by far the most beautifully drawn, with the best musical score and an endearing story. From France, this is a story told with minimal dialogue. The animation and the music tell the story. What little language there is, is French, English and Gaelic. Translation is not necessary, IMO. A French magician who performs his act in vaudeville like venues is being replaced by rock and roll stage performers. To find work he ends up in Edinburgh, Scotland. On the way he meets a young woman who goes along with him. The story is one of changing times, an old man who understands this and a young girl who matures into a young woman. By the film makers of "The Triplets of Belville"; one of my favorites. 4****

As far as the most enjoyable, my favorite would be "How to Train Your Dragon". Also nominated for best music. This also is great animation, but quite different. It is a story with a moral. That is you don't have to be mean and weld a sword to train a dragon and become a hero to your community.

Toy Story 3 was a box office winner and the favorite. One of the sequels that has worked, eleven years after Toy Story 2. Another story with a moral. Stick by your friends no matter what.
Pixar's style of animation has less appeal to me.

I didn't see two other good box office animations that are nominated for Oscars.

"Tangled" the story of Rapunzel and her hair. IMO
'Been there, done that'.

I also passed on "Despicable Me". My Pisces
psyche didn't like the title.

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